Thursday, 10 December 2015

I finished an update today for NRG beams that allows you to turn each individual beam 90 degrees, in the free version you can just set this statically, the pay version allows this setting to be randomized. just a little tweak to how you customize this effect !

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Joy of Being Indie - I love marketing.

That last statement may have been more than a little sarcastic.

I realize I have to promote what I make to the masses, that much is obvious. I have read a great many articles where it seems as if the developer expected a "Field Of Dreams" sort of mechanic to discovery. If they build it people will come.

Unfortunately the reality is google play has over 1 million apps with more being added all the time, so an equally real fact is some of your time will be spent marketing what you do.

I will be the first to admit I hate this prospect, I always feel like its a bit of a begging sort of nag to do so. I know people who have downloaded and used my apps often grow to like them and your support is greatly appreciated.

If you enjoy what I do please tell some friends, share it on your social media and help me get the name out there. I am a one man show, and honestly I much prefer making stuff to selling/promoting it. With that in mind anything you the people who use my apps can do to grow my brand, it comes with the upmost respect and appreciation. More Users = more drive to do what I do and create interesting things for you lot to use.

Thanks for listening

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Fun With Arctangent.

So I am working away on a new live wallpaper today, this one is going to be a sprite plotter I can top it out at 4000 plots with no slowdown. I am basing it off a simple math function many of you may recall from school. Its an arctangent operation. each time a sprite spawns at a random x/y it is run through an arctangent operation comparing it to the screen center, determining an angle. so its a bit of a take on an oldschool starfield, but instead of stars it is stuff. It will be fun to draw all sorts of funky little icons for it. Feel free to comment and suggest a name as the best 2 that have popped into my head are "Icon Blaster" or "Emoji Blaster" and neither of those are very good.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Not bad. Thank you people

After a little bit of time on the store with my apps it has become apparent that a bigger challenge than making a great app will always be making that app visible. from looking at the stats this morning, I have now crossed 1000 installs of NRG Beams Live Wallpaper I am very happy with this result.

As a new developer I wasn't sure when I started out if people would care at all about what I was doing. If you haven't yet give it a try

I will be adding more features to this and the other apps soon!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Thank You for your support so far

This post goes out to those that have tried my apps so far, and those who continue to use them. Thank you. As a new developer its sometimes difficult to be seen amongs the immense pile of applications in the app store.

The response so far has been pretty nice. I am becoming more inspired and encouraged by the day. Thanks for the support.

There is more to come I have 3 more effects near completion and plenty of ideas so stay tuned the best is yet to come!


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Thursday, 22 October 2015

MunkeeBonez - The Backstory, how we got here.

I thought I'd tell a little story today, about how I came to become a computer programming sort of guy.

In a time long long ago, I was a boy with a computer. My first computer was a commodore c64, and I loved it to death. I played games for hours on it, wrote little basic programs that printed that "Dave Rules!" over and over again on the screen and fell in love. It was a deep fascination that deepened further when I got my hands on this badboy depicted to your left. It was a cartridge that allowed me to freeze a running program and look at the memory, seeing all the beautiful machine language that made it go.

This opened up a rather large can of worms, one that began a life long journey of learning that led me to now. I became enamored with something called the "Demo Scene" amateur programmers artists and musicians would get together and release small programs that showcased what they could do with the computer. On a commodore c64, not surprisingly it wasn't all that much it was far too slow a machine. However it was pretty amazing what you could make that thing do.

If you fast forward to the present day, a much older version of myself has kept up his curiousity learning along the way much more modern programming, better music production and better art tools.

What has been released so far on android is just an extension of that original "genesis moment" way back when I was a young 11 year old computer enthusiast.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mapping The Fractal - An update

 Working away at the next release, I am heavily mapping the julia fractal much like I did with the mandelbrot, it should look amazing and offer a great deal of flexability for the end user.

So definitely there is more to come, it just takes some time to explore such a rich fractal equation. There are quite literally infinite possibilities.

The effect will allow for full control over color, targets, zoom depth, and whether it is a morph effect or zoom effect. It is definitely going well but it takes time to figure out exactly how I want it to be.

- Munkee

p.s. thank you for the support thusfar glad to see some are enjoying what I have done.